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Bookcase - 3 shelves from recycled pine with cedar supports. Shelves are curved in front and supports are inset 6 inches.

Size H 29" x W 40" x D 12"

Price $325.00


Open arch bookcase - This bookcase is made from reclaimed cedar fencing, pine timbers  and poplar. It has 4 shelves and a cabinet on the bottom.

Size -H 48" x W 36" D 14"

Price: $350.00


Bookcase - 5 shelves with cabinet, Materials: cedar fencing, and pine boards from a home remodel.

Size  H 60" W 40" x D 11"

Price $350.00


Open bookcase - Hand-crafted from cedar and pine fencing. This bookcase has 4 shelves and a cabinet on the bottom.

Size - H 52" x W 40" x D 14"

Price - $350.00


 Book case - Recycled pine shelves with redwood sides and back stops. Sides a solid piece of redwood with notched legs, back stops are 3 inches high.

Size: H 25" x W 40" x D 12"

Price $350.00


 5 shelf bookcase - Made from cedar and pine. The uprights have a slight curve and the top is arched. The sides, back, and top are closed.

Size: H 72" x W 36" x D 11"

Price: $350.00

This 6 shelf bookcase is made from reclaimed pine and cedar. The uprights are curved and the top is arched.

Size: H 76" x W 12" x D 12"

Price $350.00

4 shelf bookcase - made from reclaimed pine shelves, and cedar fencing. The shelves are cut with a slight curve in the front, the supports are inset 8 inches with a partially closed back and sits on a 3 inch wide base

Size: H 48" x W 38" x D 12"


A-frame bookcase hand-crafted from reclaimed pine from a home remodeling project.


Price: $350.00













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